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What are same day loans

Need immediate access to cash and wondering how same day loans can help? Concerned about the exorbitant interest rates charged on credit cards and want to avoid this option entirely, but still enjoy the luxury and ease-of-use of immediate cash? Tired of dealing with bank loans and other sources of credit and the stress that comes with applying for credit?

Perhaps your current credit history is less than exemplary and all you really need is something to cover your expenses until your next pay period. Regardless of your current situation, there is a solution. Today's harried consumer can apply for a short-term or same day loan online in the form of a payday loan. So what is a payday loan and how does it differ from conventional loans from banks and credit unions? More importantly, what is the approval process and what role does your credit history play?

What is a same day payday loan

A same day payday loan is simply a short-term loan meant to cover borrowers in-between their pay periods. Same day, meaning you can be approved and loaned the cash on the same day. Whilst most providers insist that the amount borrowed be paid by the applicant's next pay period, there are services that extend the repayment period. Most services allow their applicants up to a month to pay off their loan.

How do same day payday loans work

Same day loans are short-term loans provided by a payday loan provider. Most providers limit the initial amount borrowed from £100 to £1,000. The intention is to ease borrowers into the habit of borrowing and repaying loans within the allotted timeline. Afterwards, applicants can sometimes apply for amounts above £1,000 or more, depending upon the payday loan service offered.

How do I get approved for a same day loan

Whilst conventional bank loans and personal loans such as credit cards require substantial checks and balances concerning an applicant's credit history, this simply isn't the case with same day payday loans. Applicants simply need to provide proof of employment, be a legal resident or citizen of the UK, have a working telephone number and address, and have a chequing or current account that allows for direct deposit of funds.

Will my credit history play a role in the approval

At no time does the payday loan provider check the applicant's credit rating or credit history. The decision to advance the borrower funds is based entirely on that individual's ability to meet the aforementioned criteria.

How fast can I access the cash?

Like the name implies, the cash from same day loans is transferred the same day. This makes payday loans an excellent solution to any short-term cash shortages. Individuals can fill out their applications online or at home. Upon approval, they can access that cash at any bank or cash machine in the same day.

Whilst a number of us pride ourselves on our ability to manage our money, there are still those instances where we suddenly find ourselves short of cash. Most rationalise our spending habits and assume that whatever we purchase today, will quickly be paid off tomorrow. Granted, there are always bank loans, personal loans and credit cards to fall back on. However, these credit sources base their decisions on the applicant's credit rating. Payday loans don't and that makes them a viable alternative for everyone.

How same day loans direct helps

Same day loans direct gives you access to payday loans from many different lenders. Payday loans are small loans that are used for emergencies and are paid into your bank account on the same day. They are ideal for those that need a quick cash advance when your finances fall short and can be repaid on your next pay date from your employer.

Same day loans can be used for many different situations from a utility bill to an MOT repair, a large phone bill you weren't expecting or even for a romantic holiday away with your loved one. Borrowing money for a same day loan is fast and very simple. With instant online decisions and a high acceptance rate, you can sometimes have the money in your account an hour after you apply, in most cases, and it only takes around 1 minute to apply.

Simply submit the application form on the website to get an answer within a few hours. If you are a UK resident and need a quick payday loan, or are a Housing Association tenant, a private tenant, armed forces tenant or have a poor credit rating, your application is viewed by a wide array of lenders. Once approved for a loan, you can choose to accept if you want to go ahead, and the funds will then be placed directly into your account, some banks might take up to 48-hours to process it.

As financial lenders change their policies regularly, our samedayloansdirect.co.uk website will change to follow suit. If you need fast payday loans that you will have the funds to repay on your next payday, then you can use the loans to either buy a sale item before the discount ends, pay for higher than expected MOT repairs, dental treatment, emergency bills or just to see you through those last few days before payday.

With most lenders, you can borrow between £100 - £1,000, depending on your credit score, and your employment. With your first loan, you might be limited to being able to borrow around £1,000 but after repaying it you could be entitled to borrow more in the following months, should you need it. When the agreed due date comes around, the money will be paid from your account back to the sameday loan lender. You don't need to do anything else. You are free to apply for and be granted another loan once the initial loan amount is repaid.

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