Text loans

The latest trend in fast lending: Txt loans

Text loans

Due to the current state of the economy, lenders are making loans easier for people to obtain. They understand that times are difficult and money is tight. Emergencies always have a way of coming up at the worst possible times as well. The unpredictability of emergencies prompted lenders to come up with payday loans over a decade ago. The consumer's need for more speed and convenience brought about a new form of payday loans known as text loans. Texts loans are the fastest and most efficient payday loans a person can get.

What is a text loan?

To put it simply, a text loan is a payday loan a customer can apply for by text message. Originally, the payday loan process took at least an hour for a customer to complete. One hour was fast, but text loans have that beat. With text loans, an individual can have funds disbursed into his or her bank account within five minutes. That is an amazing turnaround time for cash. Text loans are becoming increasingly popular because users can apply for them directly from their handsets and receive help very quickly. The best thing about text loans is that a user's registration to receive them is free.

How to apply for text loans

In order for a person to have access to text loans, he or she must register for the service. The individual will have to provide information such as name, address, mobile phone number, income information, employer contact info, and bank account numbers. The lender will use the information to verify that the applicant has a reliable source of income that meets the criteria for approval. Bank account information is necessary because the lender will disburse funds into that account. When it comes time for the individual to repay the advance, lenders will use the same bank account to withdraw their payments.

Text Loan Process

Once the lender approves the applicant for text loan services, it will supply the applicant with a pin number. The borrower can then use the pin number to apply for text messages via text. To receive funding, the borrower would send a text message to a specified short code number. He or she will provide the pin number the lender provided with the requested advance amount. After receipt of the borrower's text message, the lender will deposit funds in that person's bank account in as little as five minutes.

Text loans FAQ

How do I apply for a text loan?

Applying for a loan could not be easier, and it can be done right from home. Just by visiting our website, you can fill out the application without having to fax any documents or speak to anyone.

How do I qualify for a loan?

Qualifying for a loan is simple. All you need is to be a resident in the UK, have a current UK held bank account with debit card, a mobile phone number and an email address, but you must also have the ability to repay the loan at the set time.

How will I know that I have been approved?

Everyone will receive a message by email whether they have been approved for the loan or not.

What information will I have to give?

All you will need to provide is your name, home address, phone numbers, how much you earn and information about your bank account and debit card. The purpose of this information is to help lenders determine that you are the right candidate for a text loan and to help verify your identity. By entering the most accurate information, you will expedite the process of being approved and receiving your money.

Does registering for a text loan cost anything?

Registering is free. There will never be any fees for the application process at all.

Can I apply If I have a low credit score?

Even if you have a low credit score, you can be approved for a text loan. Determining your eligibility depends on more than just your credit score.

Can I apply If I am not working?

You will need to be working to apply for a loan. To make sure that you will not have any difficulties paying back the loan, only borrowers who can demonstrate that they are earning an income can be accepted.

Do I have to own a home to be approved?

No, you can be a tenant or a homeowner and be approved for a text loan.

Will I have to give any extra information?

In some cases, more documents, like bank statements may need to be provided to the loan provider.

How much money can I ask for?

The loan application form on the homepage allows you to select how much you want to borrow, from £100 to £1,000, if you fit the criteria, may be available to you.

How is the loan repaid?

We automatically withdraw the amount you owe using your debit card on the pre-determined due date.


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